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Recover your construction delays

Fast-tracking P6/MS Project plans using award-winning AI

Proud to partner with

Microsoft and

Mohammed Bin Rashed Innovation Fund

As simple as it is powerful


Upload project file



AI auto-generates corrective plan

Assisted execution


Every project manager faces delays
let AI help you fast-track.

Opteam Plans has got you covered

Intelligently re-allocate resources

Evaluate against penalties and incentives

Reverse engineer from a target budget or timeline


Innovation competition winner 2022

Top picks most innovative ML companies Dubai

AI-powered smart infrastructure management

Accelerator program for UAE innovators

As acknowledged by

The first to automate project fast-tracking


Our advanced AI turns one project manager into 5,000 project managers

Our methodologies use 25+ years of patented and published research

Our R&D team have won awards and are acclaimed for AI in project management

Entrepreneur Middle East

"It is Opteam’s ability to not only customize services, but also handle the decision-making… that gives it a competitive edge. "

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