The Future of Facility Management

Bring decision optimization to your asset strategy with award-winning AI

Powerful yet simple to use:


Create programs for your renewal and sustainability budgets



AI will optimize multi-year renewal decisions for all assets

Set renewal activity schedule, and that’s it!

Bring advanced intelligence to your facilities

Advanced decision optimization of multi-year renewal plans

Accurate deterioration modeling based on advanced analysis

Justify budget requirements to meet program goals

Combine human experience with AI-based optimization

Incorporate tailored decision factors in your optimization

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Opteam Assets has got you covered

Increase sustainability
of your facilities
within budget

Track condition and impact
of budget decisions

Uncover new cost
saving opportunities
through AI

The first to fully automate renewal decisions


We use advanced technologies to optimize decisions using your unique data and parameters

Our methodologies use 25+ years of internationally patented and published research

Our R&D team have won awards and are internationally acclaimed for using AI in asset management

Our story

This journey was started by father-son duo Dr. Tarek and Ahmed Hegazy. Dr. Tarek is one of the industry's leading authorities and professors on AI for asset management for 25+ years, with multiple patents, awards and publications to his work. His goal was to solve the global decaying infrastructure problem by using AI to optimize the decisions around asset and infrastructure renewal.

In 2020 he joined forces with his son Ahmed, who has 10+ years of enterprise software business experience and who worked on some of the largest projects in the Middle East. Together they founded Opteam, the ultimate and revolutionary manifestation of Dr. Tarek's life's work and accomplishments. It is their mission to make their innovation consumable by the market to benefit the progress and sustainability of the world.

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"It is Opteam’s ability to not only customize services, but also handle the decision-making… that gives it a competitive edge. "

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