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Long story short...

If you research Dr. Tarek Hegazy, you will find a 20+ year long research career in Computational Construction and Asset Management. With over 250+ technical publications, patents and awards reflecting his research, he is a celebrated and world-renounced subject matter expert in the field. He is also a father.


Ahmed Hegazy has 10+ years experience specializing in enterprise software who has worked on some of the largest software projects in the Middle East. Together they founded Opteam, the ultimate manifestation of Dr. Tarek's acclaimed research at the edge of AI's technological ingenuity. 


The mission is simple

To help companies do more stuff while spending less

The vision is grand

To maximize humanity's sustainability and progress with minimum resources


The Leaders are Opteamized


Tarek Hegazy

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Ahmed Hegazy

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Siraj Mohammed Abdul

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